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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some examples of frequently asked questions. If you have any more please send us a message and will answer any you may have.

Are you insured?

Yes, we have public liability cover. Our insurance policy will cover any accidental damages and claims. A copy can be requested from us so please ask.

What areas do you cover?

We cover London, Surrey, Hampshire and surrounding areas within 50 miles radius.

How much?

We first need to gather the information about the area you want cleaning either over the phone or by a site survey. Also the rough size of the carpet, upholstery or hard floor along with the overall condition. We can then provide a quotation for you.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We take Cash, Card or payment via BACS. We carry card readers with us to make payment easy and an invoice will be given.

How Long Does Carpet Take To Dry?

After your carpet has been professionally cleaned it will be touch damp for typically 3/4 hours. This however is just a guide as all carpets and conditions are different.

If the carpet is heavily soiled or requires a lot of stain removal and treatment the drying time may be longer.

We can speed up the time it takes to dry by using our portable air movers and circulating the air within. Plus if you do need to walk on the carpet after you can as we can provide you with blue overshoes if needed.

Do you offer stain protection for carpets and upholstery?

Yes, we provide Stain Protection for all types of fibre and fabric which is sprayed on after the clean to help against further spillages.

what method of carpet cleaning do you use?

We use hot water extraction also known as steam cleaning. For carpets that cannot be wet cleaned a dry cleaning method will be used. This will be explained upon a full inspection.

Is there a minimum charge for your service?

Yes, our minimum charge for any service is £55.00 total. For jobs inside London the Congestion Charge will need to be added if inside the zone.

Do you work weekends?

We work Weekends and Evenings to fit around busy schedules. Please let us know any specific requirements you have time-wise.

How Long Does Hard Floors Take To Dry?

Most common types of hard flooring dry quite quickly, once we have finished restoring them they are usually ready to be walked on immediately.

However, if any sealant or finish is applied there will be some drying time needed. This can be explained on an onsite visit as all hard floors need to be visibly inspected first.

For more information please head to our hard floor section.

For more information please send us a message

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