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We understand how important your pets are to you and your family. That’s why pet accidents and the odours they leave behind are even more frustrating. These odours are then embedded in your carpets and upholstery and they often attract your pet to re-offend again and again. This creates a vicious cycle that leads to more areas being affected causing stronger smells to emerge.

You may have noticed by cleaning yourself that pet stains and odours can be difficult to remove. But with the right treatment and deodoriser, you can limit the problem. Some urine stains are unfortunately permanent but the odour they leave behind is not, and neutralising the area can solve that problem.

Timing is the key with pet stains, and treating the area professionally as soon as possible is the best way to limit permanent stains from happening.

We sanitise and machine extract all areas that need cleaning, leaving the area fresh and free from bacteria. We only use the best up to date products that are specifically designed for stain removal.  

Once your carpet or upholstery has been cleaned we can offer a stain guard protector for the future. This is sprayed on and is fully dry within a couple of hours. For more information on this click here

Some common pet-related accidents include:

  • Urine 
  • Food Stains
  • Paw Prints
  • Vomit

Avocado Services are always on hand to help with any treatment, machine spot cleaning or if you need additional advice please get in touch.

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