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Stain Guard

Stain Guard

Protect Your Carpet and Upholstery

You have just spent all morning cleaning and in runs a wet dog straight across the lounge and jumps on the sofa, paw prints everywhere. You remove most of the marks by hand but a few spots will not come out no matter how well you try. 

Later that day you hear a noise from the next room, a glass of orange has just fallen onto the floor. You soak up as much as you can but after it has dried you have a nice orange patch on your cream carpet.

Having a stain protector applied to carpets and upholstery will help with situations like this.

You can apply this directly to new carpet or upholstery that has just been purchased. It really is a worthwhile investment and will help in the long run going forward. 

How Stain Guard It Works

Applied in a spray form to both carpets and upholstery and coats them in a fine water and oil resistant layer. This will not change the look or feel but will give a stain-resistant guard to make blotting up spills and accidents much easier. Even if you haven’t had any spillages it will give added protection to carpeted hallways, entrances and high traffic areas.

Benefits Of Stain Guard

  • Prevents liquids from soaking in
  • Pet friendly
  • Perfect for newly laid carpet
  • Prolongs the life of carpet and upholstery
  • Can be applied to new or cleaned carpet / upholstery
  • Dry time usually 2/3 hours

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