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How To Care For Your Leather Sofa

Leather Sofa

Leather upholstery is a very hard wearing material and can last for decades if properly cared for. Maintaining the cushions and especially the armrests will prevent the leather from drying out leading to cracks and splits.

Following these simple tips and tricks will act as a guide to maintaining a clean sofa environment.

Dust and vacuum the leather regularly.

  • Using a microfibre cloth to dust the tops and backs of all areas will not only brighten the leather but also prevents dust allergies from developing. If you have a vacuum cleaner then adding a brush attachment to it can also be an effective way to lift dust and debris. If the cushions are loose, remove them fully so the base can be cleaned as well. Sometimes you may even find that missing pen.

Soak up spillages immediately 

  • If for example a drink or some kind of liquid happens to spill over the sofa, don’t panic. With leather, it’s usually quite easy. Grab a dry cloth, press it over the spillage and let the cloth draw up the liquid. Do not rub or put any cleaning product down at this stage. Just hold the cloth over the area and soak up as much as you can. 
  • Most of the time this will be all that’s needed to clean the area, however, if some colouring remains after then it may require a professional. Try to avoid using washing up liquid or other products to clean with. This can lead to all sorts of problems such as colour loss or damage to the leather itself. Using a dry or slightly damp cloth with just water is the best and effective method for a quick fix.

Preventing cracking and splits

  • Over time leather hardens and becomes stiff. With the constant sitting down and moving around on the sofa can cause the leather to split or crack. You will tend to notice this more on the seat cushions and the armrests. Preventing this is quite a simple task, use Leather Conditioners. These can be applied by a professional, or if you feel confident, you can do it yourself.
  • These liquid based creams are applied by hand and are massaged into the leather. This softens the leather itself and keeps the whole sofa supple. Usually lasts between 2 to 3 months and can be easily reapplied when needed.  

Avoid sunlight 

  • The most common thing we see in leather is colour loss. This is where certain areas of the leather look a different colour from the rest. Usually, this is caused by UV from the sun. Sunlight beaming down through a window onto the leather on a hot day can lead to discolouration, this unfortunately is irreversible. 
  • So when positioning your lovely new leather furniture, just take a moment to check how much sunlight if any will shine directly down onto it. Also check any other forms of heat such as radiators, making sure no part of the upholstery is directly touching. 

Regular professional cleaning

Wiping down and conditioning your leather upholstery is something you can do yourself. But to clean the leather properly may require a professional. Using the correct methods and products designed for leather restoration can make all the difference.

We recommend twice a year should be enough to keep your leather upholstery looking its best.

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