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Looking After Your Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner

Used throughout the house, the vacuum cleaner sits proudly in the cupboard ready and waiting.

But this working machine is sometimes overlooked in maintenance and can often start to fail or get blocked up.

A few simple steps will ensure the vacuum stays in tip-top condition.

Step 1:

Replace the bag

Seems quite an obvious thing to do but using a vacuum cleaner when the bag is full reduces suction. The machine may sound like it’s working but with a full bag dust and debris just will not lift up. One quick and easy tip is to feel the bag, if it’s stiff and not very soft then chances are the bag is full. Some vacuum cleaners are bagless so it’s even easier to check, there should be a window or clear section where you can see the debris inside. Again if it’s full empty it straight away and you will notice a difference immediately.

Step 2:

Check the hoses and attachments

If the vacuum cleaner is not picking up anything and you have checked it’s empty, chances are it’s blocked. Somewhere along the tube or under the attachments, there may be debris blocking the flow. This will restrict the suction and cause the vacuum not to work properly. If you hear the motor struggling or working harder than usual then that’s one sure giveaway.

Turn off the vacuum and unplug it from the mains or switch off and remove the battery if it’s cordless. Next, check all attachments and clean out the pipes and tubes using wire or a broom handle. 

Once all the debris has been removed and unblocked, replace all the attachments back together and you are good to go.

Step 3:

Keep the filters clean

Most vacuums will have a filter of some kind, every so often you will get a build-up of debris on them and they will need to be cleaned. Detach the filter where possible, some unclip others will need to be unscrewed. Depending on your model refer to the owner’s manual for instructions.

Once the filter is off, clean and dry brush any dust or dirt you may see. Some filters can be rinsed under a tap or washed with soapy water. But do check the manufacturer’s spec if that’s safe to do so. 

Once cleaned and fully dry put back in reverse and job done.

Step 4:


Keeping your vacuum cleaner inside and away from cold temperatures will help prolong its life. Storing in damp sheds, or outside garages can ruin the machine, especially in winter. Moisture can build up inside the electrical components and short out the connections causing them to stop working. The old saying is “look after your tools, they will look after you”

Additional Info:

Some popular brands of vacuum cleaners can be found in the links below. We will also be reviewing some models soon and seeing which ones are best for home use. 





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