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Tips For Longer Lasting Carpet

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When it comes to caring for your carpet there are a few things you can do to make it last a lot longer. Carpet costs money and to replace it can be a small fortune, so taking a few simple steps can ensure they stay in great condition all year round. The tip here is maintenance.

Maintaining your carpet is key to prolonging the life span. Cleaning, regular vacuuming and placing mats in doorways and entrances really do help.

Doorway and Entrance Mats

Placing a mat inside your doorway or entrance will take off the initial soil from your feet. As you walk in from outside you naturally bring in debris and moisture which can then transfer straight onto the carpet. Depending on the weather this can be little or a lot, but over time can make your carpet dirty and look grubby if you don’t have one. What a doormat does is absorb most of the dirt straight off your feet as you walk in.

Owning a mat can result in huge savings and they can be easily vacuumed, brushed or quickly replaced if needed. You can also get some great designs, colours and enhance the look of your property.

Professional Cleaning

Having the carpet professionally machine cleaned is a great way of dealing with many things at the same time. Stain removal, deodorising, cleaning and a new fresh look are a few benefits of having a professional clean. For more information on this please take a look at our carpet cleaning page.


Regular vacuuming lifts up loose debris and dirt and stops it from being walked into the fibres. Skin cells, bacteria, dust and other contaminants can form and spread throughout if not picked up. So from a health perspective, it improves air and living quality. We recommend once a week for residential properties and once a day for a commercial.

Removing surface debris not only keeps the carpet cleaner but prolongs the life as particles are then not trapped within the fibres. Carpet that has not been vacuumed for a long time can result in dust mites, mould, discolouration, bad odour and generally looking bad.

Following these simple steps can keep your carpet looking its best for a long time. Saving you money in replacement and ensuring they stay clean and free of contaminates.

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